About Us

The group was founded in 2009 when several of the online builders realized they were not the only builders in the UK. Our first event was at Milton Keynes, Don's Stadium with an attendance of around 5 builders. Since that event, every year more and more builder have emerged as have the number of events. We are now attending many events a year in the UK and even a few in Europe. 

Meet The Team

Chairman: Stuart 

Stuart began construction of his first droid in 2009 with the intention of having his R2 as a static model. After a local event, he saw Kenny Baker attending, Stuart began talking on .net to other UK droid builders who were also planning on coming to the same convention. From that first-ever meet, Stuart helped to form the UK chapter of the R2 Builders Club. As one of the original founders in the UK, Stuart has been involved in many charity events, shows, including a TV advert, movie work, and two European Premiers. Stuart has seen the Club grow from a small band of friends to a Club that is recognized worldwide by other established Clubs, Disney and Lucasfilm.

Secretary / Event Officer: Lee T

Lee started building his first Astromech in 2007 which he completed two years later in 2009 as R2D2.  Lees R2 has been used for a lot of events including, Charity Events, Conventions & Official LucasFilm work.  Lee became a member when this club was created in 2011 and has watched it grow from strength to strength.  Thanks partly to this Club he has now gone on to work in the CFX Department for LucasFilm at Pinewood Studios, working on a number of Star Wars Films.  As Secretary, he is putting as much of his spare time as possible into helping this club grow with its members.

Web Forum Officer / Graphic Supervisor: Mike

Mike first started building in 2006 with one of the U.K’s first aluminium droids and spent many years in construction until finally being completed. After many hours chatting with fellow builders on .net Mike and 2 other builders decided to form a UK centric R2 Builders Club which originally existed within .net until he constructed in secret the UK R2 Builders forum and revealed to the surprise of UK Builders. Since then his duties are committee member, webmaster for the forum, and webpage and graphical overview. Through the club, he has also been lucky enough on occasion to work for the CFX Department at Pinewood Studios on several of the new Star Wars movies.

M.O.T Commander: Colin

Colin has been a Star Wars fan since the first film in the late 70’s and grew up with the franchise, but has always loved R2, so much so that he decided to build his own. Colin started to research his first build in 2010 but actually started building in 2012 after two years of reading up! In just under a year the first droid, R2-Q2 was complete and plans were laid down for droid number two. Colin has been fortunate to have been involved in the first two of the new movies in the franchise and is a proud builder of 4 droids, 3 astromechs and a scratch built Treadwell called “Oscar”! Colin formally joined the committee in 2013 when the club officially laid out its structure and is passionate about making the club the very best it can be.

Club Liason / Event Assistant : Oliver

Oliver completed his R2D2 just after Celebration Europe in London 2007 and has been a member of the builders club since 1999.  Since joining the club he has attended 9 of the Star Wars Celebrations around the world and from his work with the club is one of the Worldwide Builder Council members responsible for dealing with the Worldwide club.  Via his work with the Club and Lucasfilm he has been part of the Star Wars movie franchise and multiple adverts/press events.  A side line is researching the history of R2D2, interviewing original prop builders and the history of each droid built.

Merchandise Officer: Giles

Giles met Lee and his droid in 2011 at Marlow Zoo, where he found his autistic son interacting with R2, this started the long journey of research and building. Two years later he completed R2JZero and in May 2013 they attended their first event, in the same place he first met Lee. R2JZero can be seen at many South Coast events including hospitals children's wards and small charity events. Giles joined the club in 2011 and has been an active member since then and even clocked up 29 events in 2012.  As Merchandise Officer not only does he oversees the amazing clothing line and patches, but also has a keen interest in promoting the charity side of the group.

Treasurer: Jon

Jon became a member of the club after a chance visit to a sci-fi show in 2011. He began building his droid (R2-4L) shortly after and is still working on it now! He is constantly reminded his droid is the longest build in history by other members. As the Treasurer he looks after the clubs funds and with the other committee members ensure they are put to use for the best interests of the club.




Mark - Northern Events
Nik - Graphic Design