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Birmingham MCM Comic Con 2019

posted 30 Mar 2019, 01:14 by Mike Filippidis
Once again the UK R2D2 Builders were invited to join the UK Garrison at Birmingham MCM Expo, along with other costuming groups such as the Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, the 15th Cyber Legion, Silver Sabres, and Reel Icons. Also this time the UK Garrison agreed to support our charity, Meningitis Now, one that is close to the hearts of the R2 Builders.

Most droids turned up on Friday to help with the setup of the stand. As usual, Birmingham MCM had a great turn out of droids and builders, and the UK Garrison had allotted us a nice space with plenty of room to display them. The stand certainly proved popular over the weekend.

Once the doors opened the usual shenanigans began. Droids went for a wander around, lots of photos being taken, and Jawas avoided. (You've got to keep an eye on those pesky Jawas, they'll take anything that isn't nailed down including a droid!). As always, the droids went down a treat and I'm sure every droid wrangler there will have a case of builders grin for quite a while.

We also had a visit from an old friend, C3PO, who came around to pose for a few photo shoots. Both the attendees and the builders were happy to see him. 

Both days we managed to take part in the UK Garrison parade, where all the costuming groups would troop through the middle of the convention to let everyone take pictures, followed by a massive group picture at the end. 

These weekends are always very exhausting, but so much fun. This time we also managed to raise a whopping £2351.53 for Meningitis Now. Hopefully, this will aid in their battle to raise awareness, research vaccines, and support those who have lost loved ones. 

Written By: D.Poulson
Edited By: Flipside

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