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Return of the Garrison!

posted 29 Sept 2013, 04:14 by Mike Filippidis   [ updated 29 Sept 2013, 04:22 ]
On the 23rd of September 2013, the UK R2 Builders attended the National Space Center which held a convention to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Return of the Jedi!

The listed events were (besides us of course!) The Reunion of Ewoks!! The actors, Brian Wheeler, Alan Bennett, Sarah Bennett, Katy Purvis, Kiran Shah, Danny Blackner and Peter Burroughs were all there, as well as the man whose reputation is bigger than an Exogorths stomach, Warwick Davis!

This was the second time UK R2 Builders have met Warwick, UK Builder, James Short " I can honestly say, I've gone from being a fan of his work to a fan of him. He is one of the hardest working and dedicated people I've ever met, so down to earth and willing to talk to fans".

Warwick chatted to the group for about half an hour after the show just to ask us about out droids!  He was a big fan of them! 

Warwick was more than happy allowing us to take some photos of him with the droids and the group

The UK R2 Builders were asked to give a talk and we were happy to oblige! Both Brad and James presented on stage to the crowds.

We kept it to who we are, what an astromech is and the basics of building one and where to find out more information.  We we got a lot of good feedback for it and hope to be asked again!

We were lucky enough to bump into Peter Brebner. He's a costumer in the UK with a great Threepio costume, so we were able to set up some photo ops for everyone that went down a treat :) 

Again, we couldn't resist a nice photo with our droids and us too ;)

We would like to give out a big THANK YOU to all of the UK Garrison - you guys are all great and have a wonderful community. Also to Malika at the NSC for organizing the event and make us so welcome. 
Thanks to all of the actors that we met during the weekend, it was great to meet you all and share your stories.

We can't wait for next time!

Reported by J.Short