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The UK R2 Builders arrive at Celebration Europe 2 Essen!

posted 12 Sept 2013, 11:47 by Mike Filippidis   [ updated 25 Nov 2013, 05:38 ]

The group organized a road trip of unprecedented magnitude, well for us anyway! 8 members 2 vehicles, 2 planes,1 ferry a very expensive taxi was involved to get us all at Essen, Germany.

Although the group arrived at the venue with an hour remaining for the droid drop off, it took us 55 minutes to find the hall/location. There we met our European friends, many for the first time face to face. We quickly unloaded and all droids and for some of us leaving them for the first time! 

Then next day was build day and we all helped construct and make good our droids ready for the opening of Star Wars Celebration Europe 2 2013!

The doors opened and the crowds poured in. 
Many VIP Guests visited the stand including Anthony Daniels, Ben Burtt, Steve Sansweet, Mary Franklin and Kenny Baker. Kathleen Kennedy arrived to see for herself after hearing how amazing our stand and droids were! 
She chose the most amazing droid and clearly the best droid on the stand for the official photo. Oh by the way, it was my droid R2-M80 ;) (that might be a slightly biased description!)