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The UK R2D2 Builders head North!

posted 26 Mar 2015, 11:05 by Mike Filippidis   [ updated 26 Mar 2015, 11:09 ]

Another first event for the builders, this time an invite to attend the Scarborough Sci-Fi Convention, the event spanned over the entire weekend of the 14th and 15th of March.

The location was extraordinarily picturesque with it being nestled along the beautiful if rather chilly North Yorkshire coastline and overlooked by the equally impressive ruins of the 11th century Scarborough castle.

The event itself was held within The Spa complex on the Scarborough Seafront, an unusual shaped building, but as it turned out, perfect “droiding” territory with lots of slopes connecting the lower floor rooms and lifts for mounting top floor droid assaults.

Scarborough Sci-Fi was a very well thought out event with a wide range of traders and signers from all genres of the Sci-Fi world including some of the more rarely seen artists.

The upper floor held a real treat for Gerry Anderson fans with a large section of the floor being dedicated to all aspects of his TV shows ranging from the legendary Thunderbirds right through to the more obscure Space precinct.

The weekend was a great fun packed event with plenty to see and do, whether it be grabbing an autograph or two or just watching the plethora of cosplayers showing off their brilliant homemade costumes.

The UK R2D2 builders received a very warm welcome both by organisers and visitors alike and the club members were bombarded with questions and compliments in equal measure for the duration of the event with some of the smaller visitors being so fascinated by these little droids that they spent so much time asking “why?” and “how?” that I’m sure their parents must have missed great chunks of the event.


All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable event, the Artic temperatures were quickly forgotten with the warmth of the hospitality of the North Yorkshire people.

The Builders Club will always remember Scarborough Sci-Fi with great fondness and we look forward for next year!

  Reported by: Colin Barker